Bulletin Board System

Access Guide

Access our system right now, it is easier than ever. We offer a range of access points that you can use to connect with our bulletin board system. Thanks to the rise of HTML5 you can even get an authentic experience right in your HTML5 compatible web browser.

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Classic games that provide hours of entertainment and a highly nostelgic value. Our selection of online games are great fun for beginners and seasoned players alike. Preview our range of of online games that you can play solo, with friends or against our other users.

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Help & Support

Need some assistance with getting connected, or do you want to find out about how our system works. Do you need assistance with navigating and interacting with the system? For answers to these and more questions read our support page.

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Trouble Connecting?

The HTMLTerminal requires a HTML5 compatible browser with Javascript Enabled. Connections to our Bulletin Board System are made via a secure connection on TCP Port 8080, if your connection fails or the terminal client does not work correctly please check your browser is HTML5 compatible and contact your network administrator to ensure TCP Port 8080 is open.

If you are unable to resolve this, you can still connect using our web portal and alternative access points.

More Ways to Get Connected